Master’s program in Excellence in Business and Services

Excellence in Business and Services Master - Admission timetable - July 2018

Full schedule available on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Admission page.

Candidates Registration:
On 23-25 July 2018: 08.00-16.00 (GMT+02), at the IV floor of the Business and Tourism Faculty building, in Mihai Eminescu street.
The English test interview. 26.07.2018
The admission test (written quiz test) 27.07.2018
List of candidates admitted on places financed from the state budget and candidates admitted on tax places 30.07.2018
Submission of bachelor diplomas and payment of half of the annual tuition fee 30.07 - 31.08.2018, between 9:00 - 16:00
Final list of accepted candidates on tax and budget places 01.08.2018